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Welcome to EnergyFutures – The Tools

Create your vision about the future of the Austrian energy system in a few simple steps

What for is energy used now

Useful Energy 2014

… and maybe in 2050

Useful Energy 2050

The EnergyFutures model originates from the sGAIN modeling framework which emphasizes the interaction of stocks and flows for generating the welfare relevant functionalities.

This innovative modeling concept is particularly relevant for analyzing the transition options for energy systems. The EnergyFutures model consequently starts with the thermal, mechanical and specific electric functionalities of an energy system and subsequently develops the required energy flows depending on the choice of application and transformation technologies together with the energy mix.

Energy Use

Select the level of energetic functionalities and the corresponding energy productivity together with the energy mix [for determining the flow of useful and final energy].

Energy Supply

The choice of transformation technologies determines the structure of energy supply.

CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions stem from fossil energy used for final energy and input for electricity and heat.